Essence Tantra For Couples

Want a deeper connection?

A Tantric relationship can be powerful, deeply connecting and transformative for partners.  Tantra encourages couples to cultivate and expand soul-filled sexuality. Couples are gently supported to expand their ability to move through limiting beliefs, blocks and fears, and create more fulfillment, depth and pleasure in all aspects of their relating. 

Some of the tools you will learn include:


We Teach, Facilitate and Nurture Communication, Healing, Connection and Intimacy.


Donation Rates for Couple's Sessions:


Couple's experiential sessions offer an in-depth exploration of Tantric foundations and incorporates Tantric breathwork, meditation, and aligning practices through Tantric touch.

Spcial rates til the end of the year.

2 hours- $380

3 hours- $550


Dual Practitioner Sessions

Relax into the comfort and guidance of two practitioners, two females or a male and female.

Special rates til the end of the year.

2 hours- $520

3 hours- $740


Couple's Session Package

As with any holistic modality, the more consistent the practice the deeper the transformation, which is why we have session packages to offer you a discount for continual practice.

3 2-hour Sessions- $1100 (Save $100)



Here is what a couple had to say about their experience:

We had a wonderful experience at your couples session.  We have a very deep love for one another based on friendship, mutual respect, trust, and physical intimacy but I was amazed at how your session taught us about expanding each of those aspects of our relationship.  As we have aged, our needs, desires, and abilities have changed.  You taught us how to focus on what we can do instead of what we can’t do.  The questions and discussion at the beginning of our session really made us open up to each other, and we  learned a lot about each other even after 26 years of marriage!  My wife was very hesitant to do this but after a little while, she relaxed and opened up and thoroughly enjoyed the entire session.  That is a testament to you and John being able to make us feel respected and safe.  The disrobing ceremony was probably the most intimidating thing we did but it was also the most gratifying and meaningful activity as well.  I don’t think I have ever felt the love for my wife any stronger than at that point!   We would recommend anyone, regardless of their situation, to schedule a session with you.  Not only did we learn a great deal and experience some fantastic activities, we met two very nice, talented, compassionate, fun people!  The accommodations were exceptional and we were treated like royalty!​      (T&L 7/14/13)



Pay For Session

​For mental health to occur, energy must flow through five levels of being: body, emotion, mind, will and spirit. If the emotional level is energized, people identify and communicate their feelings, whereas emotions that are repressed or somaticized lead to energetic dysfunction. When the mental level is energized, the mind is flexible and reasonable; when its energy is blocked, negative thoughts such as judgments, statements of blame, rationalizations, and rigid belief systems take over. The will, which is used to initiate activity, is also affected by energetic dysfunction. It can be overused in attempts to control others, or it can be underused, leading to passive and submissive behavior. A balanced will, the result of a healthy energy flow, leads to assertive behavior that does not usurp the power of others and to the integration of the masculine and feminine forces within the individual. Finally, the highest level, spirituality, pervades the entire being with love and energy. People who are cut off from their spiritual centers live too much in the material realm. Those with too much spirituality may lose touch with reality and fail to function in a healthy way.