Essence Tantra for Men

An Essence Tantra session for men provides an opportunity to relax completely and receive the presence of the divine feminine.  Through guided energy work, breath work, and sacred intimate touch, you will learn to become fully present, leaving our temple rejuvenated, and re-balanced.

*Welcoming Tea & Anointing

* Bath Ceremony

*Transformational Breathwork

*Hot Stones *Yoga Of Love

*Masc/Fem Energy Practices

*Tantalizing * Whole Body Tantra Touch

*Sacred Intimacy *Relationship Teachings

Tantra is a healing art that is based in
3 dimensions: the physical body; the astral body and the
causal body. That is why Tantra goes where medicine,
psychology or sexology can not go.

Benefits of Essence Tantra for Men:
-Learn skills for deep relaxation
-Increase sexual potency and virility
-Increase sensation
-Learn techniques to prolong pleasure
-Balance focus of sexual energy
-Balance your inner masculine/feminine
-Increase skills in intimacy and self-love
-Channel spiritual/sexual energy to create greater vitality

Experience the bliss of four exquisite hands and the energy

of two beautiful, skillful practitioners with our
Double Goddess session.


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