Essence Tantra for Men

An Essence Tantra session for men provides an opportunity to relax completely and receive the presence of the divine feminine.  Through guided energy work, breath work, and sacred intimate touch, you will learn to become fully present, leaving our temple rejuvenated, and re-balanced.

*Welcoming Centering and Creating Sacred Space

* Guided Meditation 

*Transformational Breathwork

*Tantric Bath Ritual

 *Yoga Of Love Practices

*Masc/Fem Energy balancing 


* Tantra Touch

*Sacred Intimacy *Relationship Teachings

*Channel spiritual/sensual energy to create greater vitality

Since Tantra is a series of practices, the learning of it is primarily
experiential. While questions are answered and the rationale is
provided for each practice, most of the learning is experiencial.


Donation Rates for Men's Sessions:

*Please note, the donations listed here are for sessions at our Asheville Temple location and may not reflect travel rates at a diferent location.


White Tantra Sessions

Introductory counseling session, offers foundational guidance into Tantric philosophy, breathwork, and aligning practices. Does not incorporate Tantric Touch.

1 hour- $100

90 minutes- $120


Red Tantra Sessions

Experiential session, offers an in-depth exploration of Tantric foundations and incorporates Tantric breathwork, meditation, and aligning practices through Tantric touch.

90 minutes- $180

2 hours- $220

3 hours- $320


Dual Practitioner Sessions

Relax into the comfort and guidance of two practitioners. Surround yourself with the warmth of the Divine Feminine with a Double Goddess session with two female tantricas, or enjoy the Divine balance of a male and female practitioners.

90 minutes- $300

2 hours- $350

3 hours- $440


Session Packages

As with any holistic modality, the more consistent the practice the deeper the transformation, which is why we have session packages to offer you a discount for continual practice.

Three 90-minute Sessions- $500 (Save $40)

Three  2-hour Sessions- $600 (Save $60)





Pay For Session Pay Two Hour Session