All of our Tantrikas are certified in Essence Tantra.They are trained in Tantric practices, Taoist sexual techniques, Pelvic Heart Integration, masculine/feminine polarity and dynamics, Shamanic breath work, sexological bodywork, sacred sexuality, and holding a loving, connected presence for your expansion.Tantricas are true professionals but more so, they consist of those who have embraced a sincere commitment in the Tantric Arts. 

     Tantricas are specialists in life journeys and are educators in teaching true love. We offer education and classes on commitment and compassion, as well as helping women and men to claim their own sensual birth right. We are also guides and enlighteners, helping those who are lost and need to focus on a new spiritual journey and path.


Tantricas serve as a “muse,” acting as an inspiration for all things, large and small. In this manner, they are able to help others that may lack in love and self expression. Because past trauma can block a seeker's creative and ecstatic self expression, a Tantrica helps those in need to remove these blockages, heal trauma and disentangle from deeply embedded religious teachings, so they can be the highest and best person they can be.


The Tantricas goal is to teach each devotee how to reclaim their inspiration, purpose, and innate power through their connection to their spirit and vital force.

Supporting each person in becoming the truest expression of his or her deepest self.

​Our greater purpose is to help the world flourish by reconnecting others to the Divine Feminine and Conscious Masculine essence within and outside themselves. We practice with the intention of healing mind, body and soul. Each practitioner knows that all of life is Sacred--what she sees and honors is the God/Goddess in everyone.
We believe it is time to recognize that there is a feminine face of God, as well as a masculine face of God. It is time to remember our divine feminine nature and to awaken this within each of us.The Feminine is the embodiment of compassion and creativity.


Come experience the difference!